Over under floor heating






Laying recommendations

Over floor heating we do not recommend installing glued parquet boards more than 14mm thick, 12cm wide and 1.2 m long.

NB: Glued wood floors are not compatible with floors that “breathe”.

1 The room

Before thinking of installing a parquet floor or a boarded floor, all the structural building work must be completed.
The building must be weather tight (windows installed) and dry (do not allow any operations that will cause humidity ).
The parquet boards should be stored in the room where they will be laid.
Moreover, to maintain a moisture content of the wood between 9% and 11%, the humidity of the air should not exceed 60%.

The space needs to be heated for 3 weeks before laying the floor, with a temperature of about 15°.

The heating must be turned off 3 days before laying and gradually turned on again a week after laying.

2 The support

Everything must be done to stop rising damp under the floor( moisture coming up from the ground).

  • On a timber base, the humidity of the support should not exceed 12%.
  • On a concrete or cement base, the moisture should not exceed 3% of dry mass.
  • On an anhydrous screed, the humidity should not exceed 0.5%.
  • Specifically, for levelling screeds, allow a drying period of a week for every a half inch of thickness in dry weather (three weeks in the wet season).

The surface must be flat and horizontal: the maximum deflection ought to be 5mm under a rule of 2m and 1 mm under a rule of 20cm.

  • It must be free of all traces of paint, plaster, grease …and dust, especially for glued flooring.
  • Make sure that the support has a surface suitable for absorbing the glue, and there is no area that will resist the adherence of the glue.

3 Laying the floor

The boards should be laid in the direction of the light, or alternatively in the direction of the greatest dimension of the space.

NB Over underfloor heating fixing on strips of glue is prohibited.

The heating should be turned off 3 days before laying and gradually turned up again a week after laying.

A gap must be left all around the floor equal to 0.15% of the total width of the boards and at least 8 mm. This gap will be hidden by skirtings which are laid after the floors. They should be thick enough to fully cover the gap and should not resist the expansion of the parquet floor due to humidity changes.

4 Finishing

Three weeks after laying, the boards must be sanded in the direction of the grain in several passes of decreasing grit (grain ending with 120). Before application of a finish (oil or varnish), remove all traces of dust or dirt.
To minimize the dimensional changes of your floor, we recommend you maintain a humidity of ambient air between 45 and 65%.

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